Who do I call for a power outage in Hutto?

In case of power outages in Hutto, call ONCOR at 888-313-4747

A single company is responsible for maintaining the electricity infrastructure for all Hutto citizens.  That company is the regulated utility known as ONCOR.

It doesn’t matter who your electricity provider in Hutto is, your electricity will be restored by ONCOR Electric and Delivery.

ONCOR is known as a “TDSP” or Transmission Delivery and Service Provider. If you currently have electricity service in Hutto, look on your current provider’s electric bill and you will find the number for ONCOR.   Everyone’s bill, regardless of chosen Hutto electricity supplier, has that number.

ONCOR is responsible for the electricity distribution for a large territory in Texas, going as far south as Hutto, Round Rock, Taylor and Pflugerville, to the north, past Dallas/FortWorth.

Many Hutto electricity consumers are confused as to who will restore their power in times of outages. Many mistakenly believe the company they buy their electricity from is responsible to restore their power. However, it is the TDSP, ONCOR that restores power on the grid in our area. The Retail Electric Provider only supplies the energy and bills the customer for that energy.