What is your electricity rate right now?

Do you know what you are REALLY paying for your electricity in Hutto.

Many Texas electricity consumers would be unable to tell you their effective electricity rate. Their TRUE electricity rate. We’re not talking about the rate you were told by the salesperson who left out some of the ‘details’ of your plan.

In our experience, most electricity customers are paying a lot more than they think they are for the electrons flowing through those new digital electricity meters.

If you are paying a lot more than you thought, your current retail electricity provider is not going to track you down and convince you to get a lower rate!

We have found that many electricity consumers don’t have a clear understanding of the Texas electricity market.  Hutto Electricity is here, in part, to change that.

If you “sit on a high rate” with your current provider, that provider will allow you do that for as long as they are in business, and it could end up costing you thousands of dollars.


So, how can you tell just what your true electricity rate is?

Grab your latest bill and look for a phrase that starts like this: ”The average price you paid for electricity service…” That phrase IS somewhere on your bill. The number at the end of that phrase IS what you are really paying per kWh. The phrase is required by law. Many companies, on purpose or not, will confuse you regarding your average price after all charges are added, but the number/price at the end of that phrase will clear up the confusion. And sometimes it’s NOT a pleasant surprise.

If you would like some help understanding your electricity bill, give us a call, we love to do that kind of thing. AND, we won’t even ask to become our customer. REALLY. We’ll just answer your questions; simple as that.

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